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Interview with an Immortal !

 Welcome to the Immortals

Dar Dar

 1 First of all lets tell our readers, who are you and where are u from. Your RL name and IG name,and position.

Dar :  My Real name is Darlene, and im from USA.  My IGN is Dar.

Im the Leader of Immortals, wich is Top Guild, Top Level and Top BR in S35.

Me: Ty for your honesty.

Q2. What other games have u playd and how did u found out about Eternal Saga?

Dar :I cant remember them all but main ones i committed too were Maple Story and Eternal Saga. Found out, and Tamer Saga.

Me :  And how did you found out about Eternal Saga?

Dar: On FB same with Tamer Saga. Maple Story I found out from a kid I babysat lol.

Me: Lol thats funny.

Dar: lol ya i dont tell many ppl that but u said be honest  :P.

Me: I apreciate it.

Q3. What first apealld to u when u playd  Tera Rising for the first time?

Dar: The Lover System.

Me: Really, only that?

Dar: Well, the fact i could buy myselt to being top notch and be leader of the number one guild, but that was only cuz the real leader got banned.

Me: I understand.

Q4. What else do you enjoy in Eternal Saga, besides the lover system?

Dar: I like the closeness we have built with our members and ally. I also enjoy killing others :). Can really see how tough each other is in the arena since its 1 on 1.

Me: So the PVP system!

Dar: yup!

Q5. Im sure everyone is asking, what are the pro`s regarding Eternal Saga, from ur point of view?

Dar: Meet ppl from all over the world. Its very interesting.

Me: Thats all?

Dar: No, but its the most important.

Me: Can you tell us few more?

Dar: I enjoy the new pets and mounts.  some are adorable. Some clothing are cute 😛

Q6. And now what are the Con`s?

Dar: I dislike the fact that you can*y be unique. No dye system to change colors of things. No choices in detailing ur avatar. No way to unbound items.

And i think ur spouse should be in battles at ur side since u pay lots of money for it

Me: So the fact that it doesnt have a customization for avatars! Amongst other things.

Dar: Yes its kinda what im used to. I dislike limitations on the market.

Q7. What can u tell us about ur Guild,  Immortals?

Dar: Crazy bunch of ppl 🙂 love em all. Got lazy cuz of being bored. But who doesnt get that way. They worked hard to get where they are

Me : Ty, very much.

Q8. Do you believe any player can become strong in Eternal Saga whitout donating money?

Dar: Yes, but it will take 10 times longer

Me: True.

Q9. Any words for the members in ur guild?

Dar: We fought hard to ge where we are. Many have left but honorable ones have stayed. We shall always give it all we got, and no matter or lose.. we did it together.And that is all that matters to me.

Q10. Any words for any new player who wants to join Eternal Saga?

 Dar: Doesnt matter what u become or which way u go. Its all great. Stay away from spending money unless u really have too cuz its hard to stop :P.

Me : TY very much for taking the time to answer my questions.Have fun in game.

And thats what an interview with an immortal looks like.

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